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A Quantum
Leap Forward

Cut Level F. Smashed.

The new Graphex® Quantum series of hand protection utilises the strongest material known, Graphene, to create the world's thinnest, lightest and most comfortable Cut Level F certified glove.

New Graphex® yarn  
cut protection

Highest cut protection
available reaching
Cut Level F

Certified by BSI Group to European
& Australian Standards


A sheet-load
of cut resistance

Graphene was created in a lab in 2004 by Geim & Novoselov at the University of Manchester in the UK. Graphene is the first ever two-dimensional material to be discovered using nanotechnology. It is a one-atom-thick hexagonal lattice sheet structure and now the strongest material known to man.

By aligning the lattice sheets along the yarn’s fibre axis,  the Graphex® yarn is created. Due to the chemical composition of Graphene, the Graphex® yarn has superior levels of abrasion, cut, tear and puncture resistance. 

With these advancements in nanotechnology, Force360 is revolutionising hand protection.

Cut Level F

Certified under European Standard EN388:2016

Cut Level 5

Certified under Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.3:2005



A sheet-load of cut resistance


A touch
of genius

At Force360 we recognise that the use of mobile phones and tablets is now extremely common in the workplace, whether it be in the office or onsite.

We have added a touch of genius to the entire range by allowing the wearer to leave their gloves on to answer calls or emails as they need to, eliminating the time consuming process of taking the glove off and more importantly reducing the chances of a workplace hand injury.


Level 5

Certified under Australian Standard AS/NZS 2161.2:2005 and EN388:2003+A1:2009

A touch of genius


All day care with all day wear

The Graphex® range not only protects the wearer from potential hand injuries, it also ensures skin health through Reach Compliance. This compliance ensures Graphex® gloves have a safe pH level and contain no azo dyes or residual chemicals that can cause skin irritation. In addition, the Graphex® range also offers UPF50+ sun protection and is fibreglass free. We really do care.

Required Safe pH Level

Certified under Australian Standard
AS/NZS 2161.2:2005 and EN388:2003+A1:2009

AZO Dye and Irritant Chemical Free

Certified under Australian Standard
AS/NZS 2161.2:2005 and EN388:2003+A1:2009

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Pass under 
AS/NZS 4399:2017 
Sun Protective Clothing

Food Safe

Pass under AS 2070:1999

All day care with all day wear

This is not a standard glove


This is not just a Standard glove

Force360 has entrusted BSI Group, a world leading Standards Certifier to ensure that all mechanical scores are validated. Certification ensures the manufacturing process and facilities, certificates and the product itself are audited and scrutinised so that all claims are accurate.

Asking a trusted and independent notifying body to certify the mechanical scores guarantees that the scores are accurate and performance will be to this certification.

The entire Graphex® range is certified to both European and Australian Standards




from D to F

As far as cut resistance is concerned, the Graphex® glove range offers the utmost protection from Level D to Level F (EN388:2016). However Graphex® recognises one glove does not cover all applications so we have created an entire range to service industries from General Assembly through to Oil & Gas. Whether you need a liquid resistant glove or TPR back of hand protection, there is a Graphex® glove that will meet your requirements.


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Everything from A-Z

Sizing Chart


From big to small,
we range it all

The most important variable which will impact the comfort of your Graphex® glove is the size. Choosing the right size is critical in ensuring that they meet their safety expectations. Gloves should be a tight fit with no loose sections, acting like a second skin on your hands.


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The packaging is just the beginning


The packaging is just the beginning

Each Graphex® glove is sealed into a unique header card design incorporating all technical information, which sets this range apart from the rest. With metallic gold and silver finishes, this packaging does not just hang on a display wall, it also informs the user on the products features and benefits. 


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Practise what you preach

At Force360 we believe the Graphex® range of cut gloves offer the highest level of cut protection available, and we are happy to demonstrate this to you. Using a cut machine similar to the TDM-100 machine used by certified laboratories to conduct EN ISO 13997 cut tests, we can visit your workplace to demonstrate how Graphex® performs against the gloves currently being worn by your employees.


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Practice what you preach

The right Glove for the right job


The right glove
for the right job

Workplace hazards are commonplace. Injury and illness are very expensive to businesses, costing the Australian economy an estimated $62 billion each year. Identifying hazards is the critical component of PPE selection and can reduce a business’s expenditure significantly. Hazards that may be encountered include mechanical, biological, chemical, heat, cold and abrasive surfaces. If these cannot be removed from the workplace, the risk of injury can be substantially minimised through the correct selection of PPE, ensuring the job can be completed safely.

As a market leading designer and manufacturer of personal protective equipment, Force360® is at the forefront of delivering innovative products and services to various industries around Australia. To manage wearer safety is to manage the correct use of personal protective equipment by ensuring its suitability for the specific application. The 360applied® program helps tailor the PPE selection to your business, providing task specific solutions for your employees.


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